A Short History of the Rucksack Club 1902-1939; Philip Brockbank and Eric Byrom

This Short History is a variation on the theme of Classic RCJ articles. It is an invaluable source of historical information on the Rucksack Club and its background is outlined in Roger Booth’s Introduction (Page iv).

Brockbank first collected the historical texts in foolscap typescript and offered copies for nominal contributions. Members are fortunate that Mike Dent and Roger Booth obtained copies. Mike Dent then spent an immense amount of time and effort scanning and checking the typed text, sourcing and adding 69 historic photographs (because there were none in Brockbank’s original typescript) as well as an Appendix to describe each illustration in detail; finally, he wrote two pages of brief Biographical Notes about the two authors (Philip Brockbank and Eric Byrom), which are invaluable to the majority of current members who will know little about these two stalwarts of the Club. 

It was prepared for publication in 2011 (with a single print run of around 40 copies) by Mike Dent, Roger Booth and John Payne all of whom put in a significant amount of work for which we are very grateful. It will not be published again, however this pdf version allows all members to delve into its pages. We are indebted to Roger Booth, Mike Dent and John Payne. Click here for the full pdf

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