Classic RCJ Article: Sailing to the Faeroes by Boece Cardus and John Payne [2004]

In his ‘On the hill with…’ Geoff Bell recalls that his President’s Meet on the Faeroes in 2004 was a gamble that paid off handsomely.

Four members decided to sail there and in his article on this Meet in the same Journal he writes: Meanwhile Boece Cardus had clandestinely contacted me, sworn me to secrecy, and said that he fancied the idea of sailing there. A few days before our departure I had an email from him ‘…tight time table…weather is going to be crucial…my commander is beginning to say it is going to be a lot of hard work just for a Rucksack meet tick. Don’t hold your breath.’

This Classic Article recounts this journey and is a fascinating read and shows the breadth of interest and activities undertaken by Club members. The wonderful descriptions of the wildlife encountered could almost convert this confirmed non-sailor, however the thought of big waves and dense fog soon bring me to my senses! Click here for Sailing to the Faeroes with Boece and crew.

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