Hut bookings – important update

In response to comments made in the recent Member’s survey about the information available about bookings (or the lack of it), the hut bookings calendars for Beudy Mawr and High Moss have had a bit of a technical ‘tweak’. You can now go to the calendars and hover or click on a date with any kind of booking and, as if by magic, a box will appear giving more information about that booking. If you want to make a booking, simply contact Bill Deakin or Steve Beswick as appropriate.

The situation at Craigallan is different. John Patrick has kindly provided the following information so that Members may understand why.

Craigallan Hut Booking Arrangements
I have decided not to attempt to put Craigallan bookings on the website page primarily because I know that I would be unable to maintain the accuracy of the information. When the hut is busy, as it is this winter, there are frequent changes due to weather related decisions, alterations in group numbers and last minute enquiries. There are often multiple e-mail exchanges to sort out individual bookings over a few days so arrangements are continuously changing. In particular, I try to negotiate with those in charge of external groups to accommodate requests from small numbers of our own Members. This is normally successful and it helps to balance generating income from outside groups with providing beds for RC Members. I could not offer this service via the website. The current system does seem to work and a number of Members have benefited from it in recent months. Even when abroad, I am usually able to respond to e-mails within 24 hours, and normally much faster.
In summary, I don’t wish to confuse Members by providing information which I know will be inaccurate. Almost all booking enquiries for Craigallan are successful as the hut is rarely completely full. I hope this explains why I need to maintain the e-mail booking system without trying to provide information of dubious value on the website. I will continue to post major bookings on the website, as I have done this winter, so that busy periods can be identified.
John Patrick

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