Helsby Meet, Saturday April 15th, 2023: latest update

There is no rock climbing planned tomorrow, just a 6-7 mile walk meeting at the top of Crescent Drive to begin the walk at 1.00 pm (directions as my original post on the website).

By ‘rock climbing planned’ I mean meeting with local rocksmiths to explore the crags. That does not mean that anyone who wants to climb cannot, but nobody has said that they do want to climb.

Also, after a lot of rain there is some worry about the possible friability of the sandstone. No problem about people falling off and damaging themselves with bits of our crag in their hands, but there is concern about the long term health of our sandstone playground.

There as been talk of a Helsby or Frodsham meet as part of the Wednesday evening programme. On the right evening, that would be perfect. Once something is arranged, details will be posted.


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