another new post test

It was decided that the farmer, who was not too mobile, should stay on Easy Terrace with his long stick, and one of the spare ropes. Then my companion and I made a detour and climbed above the ledge to a suitable belay. I now climbed down very steep rocks, being meanwhile held by my companion, until I could reach the tiny ledge on which the two were huddled. They seemed quite helpless and looked liable to fall off any minute. I now confirmed my previous impression that they were both feminine, one quite a youngster, but the other was older and carrying quite a lot of weight. They looked scared, but uninjured, and they didn’t make a sound. Just then the farmer pushed up his long stick, which was forked at the end, passing me thereby a rope containing two nooses a couple of yards apart. Acting on instructions from below, I slipped one noose over the head of each and a tug on the rope tightened the loop round their necks. I was rather horrified at this, but the farmer gave a strong pull and as my hands were occupied holding on, I just eased the bodies off the ledge with my boot, and I could hear them go clattering down the steep wall on to Easy Terrace! I thought it would harm their necks, but they didn’t seem to mind much. Apparently they had a fair amount to eat in the neighbourhood of the ledge, but the farmer said they could never have saved themselves, and would have gradually starved.

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