New post test

Here is some sample text from the 1942 Journal:

I have been very lucky in the matter of rescue parties, in fact, until I helped in the recovery of the two bodies from Dow Crag last October, I had only been concerned in one of these painful expeditions. The occasion I refer to was on the last half-day of an Easter Meet at Fort William, when Pigott hauled a number of us out of bed at five o’clock on a cold, dark morning to search for the bodies of our members, Staleman and Ellhoe, who had been last seen high up a gully in a very precarious situation just before nightfall the previous evening. By about 7-30 we were hot on the scent and well up the snows of’ The Ben,’ when news reached us that the bodies had been discovered in the coffee-room of the Waverley Hotel making considerable havoc with the bacon and eggs.

and here is a picture


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