yet another test

Do you remember that chapter of C. E. Montague’s entitled ‘ When the Map is in Tune’ ? Some weeks ago I had to refer to my maps of the Pyrenees, and chanced upon one of Los Encantados. I opened it, and as I read the familiar names, Estany, de San Mauricio, Pic de la Ratere, Grand Pic de Colonies, Pleta de los Gavachos, Portarron d’Espot, Grand Pic de Peguera, Vallee d’Espot, everything came back to me, and I lived again the delightful days I had spent there. Could it possibly be ten years ago ? It seemed incredible. Yes, the map was in tune. To plan a holiday which you know you will never take may be fascinating, as Montague suggests in another chapter—I have never put it to the test, though I’ve often built castles in the air. But to look back over a perfect holiday spent with a perfect companion, when everything went right, when the weather was good, and you did nearly all you had planned, that is certainly a delight.

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