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The Moffat Hills in Winter: Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson has sent a short video of a series of photographs taken in the Moffat Hills in 2017. Tom writes (in lock down!): the group in the pictures had come up from Moffat and I think they were on a D of E expedition! The Moffat hills are often missed by climbers going north on Munro trips. The three hills Hart Fell, Saddle Yoke and White Coomb are a delight to do in a round and are at their best in snowy conditions. This is my favourite place in the Southern uplands and is a short drive from the M74. I think this area has an advantage over the Lakes as it does not have large numbers of visitors. I recommend you visit them next time you’re passing.  

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North Face of the Tour Ronde: Jim Morris

Climbed the north face of the Tour Ronde in 1999 with Roger Wild. We took the bubbles to the Torino Hut and had a typical alpine start the next day. The bergshrund at the foot of the face was horrendous – a ten foot vertical wall with a horrendous slot if you came off! Roger is up front approaching the narrows and I’m then following. In the photo of me if you look carefully you can see our footprints approaching the bergshrund. Finally Roger at the summit with the Brenva face of Mont Blanc at the back. Jim Morris  

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Beginnings (a surfer’s tale): Sam Salmon

Beginnings (a surfer’s tale): Sam Salmon Rock climbing, eh? Funny old game! What’s the point? For me, it all started many years ago in the seas off West Cornwall. Way back in 1976 I was living just up the road from Land’s End and generally having a good time. I had left the Fleet Air Arm a couple of years earlier and was by now fully engaged in a surfing lifestyle – this involved hanging out at the beach, getting in the water as much as possible and relaxing in the pub talking about waves. In order to live I was working on a local farm and my accommodation was an old caravan overlooking one of the best surfing beaches in Cornwall.   A couple of years earlier I had met an interesting bunch of guys who told me they were rock climbers. The names of Mike White, Owen Smith and Jim Cotton may sound familiar to some older members of the club (Owen, of course, is still an active member). We met through Owen, who at the time was selling surfboards in Ellis Brighams’ climbing shop in Penzance. I was fascinated by climbing, but thought it a very odd[…]

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