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3 months ago

@ Beudy Mawr / Craigallan / High Moss

Our 3 fantastic huts are not often used mid-week. As we emerge from the shadow of Covid why not take the opportunity to use one of ... See more

3 months ago

????Saturday Yorkshire Dales Meet! ????

When: Saturday 25th September 2021,
What: Western Yorkshire Dales walk – Gragerth and Grag Hill Horseshoe
Co-ordinator: David Nightingale

“Join me for a ... See more

8 months ago

One of the most important benefits of joining a club is the partners and friends you will make!
Jack and Alistair met on a winter meet at Beudy Mawr, our Welsh club hut and just a few months later ... See more

8 months ago

Stanley Jeffcoat on Scoop Face HVS 5a

Joining the club in 1908 Jeffcoat went on to become one of it's pioneering members. In 1914 he cracked the tricky start to Scoop Face at Naze by tackling it ... See more

10 months ago

Five years after the Club’s lease of Cwm Eigiau ended in 1921 a sub-committee was formed to find a replacement “in some local climbing or tramping area but not so difficult of access as was the ... See more

11 months ago

For those of you who have missed any of our Virtual Indoor Meets you can catch up online here. Stay in there!