Over the last hundred years or more, members of The Rucksack Club have been indulging in “peak bagging”. Many members have attempted and completed the test-piece tick-lists of peak categories and challenging “rounds”.

The late Gordon Adshead (a formidable peak-bagger in his own right) compiled a list of Completions by members of The Rucksack club past and present. These include categories such as Munros, Corbetts, Moss, Alpine 4000m etc. and going down to the more esoteric Marilyns, Humps and Tumps.

This is work in progress and will be updated regularly as members provide information to Andrew Beckett, who has taken over from Gordon.  Click on the link to see the latest version

Click here to open the Completions list

If you are aware of any missing names, please contact Andrew directly (details in the handbook).