Alpine Meet 2008. Climbed the east ridge to the central summit of the Breithorn

With Ros Murray and Neil Harwood.  We were going to climb the three rock steps on the left to the central summit of the Breithorn and then descend to Klein Matterhorn from the col before the main summit on the rightFirst lift to Klein Matterhorn and now approaching the start of the climb.  Neil and Ros.The start of the first pitch.  Ros led the whole route.On the first step.Between the second and third steps.  The route went from the notch in the ridge ahead.Near the top.  We are heading for the col before the main summit.We were badly held up by another party towards the top and missed the last cable car down from Klein Matterhorn.  Rather than try and sleep in the cold, wet, dank tunnel at the station we walked down to Trockensteg, the next station.  We managed to get a workmens lift down to the next station (rather than the bottom) but then had a long walk into Zermatt and the train back to the campsite where Carole gave us a lift home.  We were tired!

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