Classic RCJ Article: The Crossing of Greenland, by Ted Courtenay [1982]

The next article to be Posted in this series of ‘Classic RCJ Articles’ was written by Ted Courtenay after a successful crossing of Greenland by the team he led. I am very grateful to John Beatty [a member of that team] for his short afterword, that follows, and also the stunning colour images he took on the expedition, which I have added below. For more of John’s incredible photographs, please visit:

Ice cap sunrise


Thirty eight years ago is half a lifetime behind me now, and I still think about sledging those four hundred miles across Greenland nearly every day. Forty-four days of struggle out on the ice, gifted innumerable insights that have served me well  physically and emotionally throughout life. But it granted me one other unexpected gift, that of experiencing deepest respect, camaraderie and a lifetime of friendship with my companions on the ice; Rob Ferguson, Robin Illingworth, Ian Campbell, Stan Woolly and especially Ted Courtenay, whose love of the Arctic and whose wisdom and grace through the hardships, helped us all to stay strong.

John Beatty – June 2020

100 miles in from the east coast

A typical ice cap camp

The team on the ice cap

Gales at camp 2

Sun-dogs spectacular

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