Have you ever organised a meet?

In the recent survey we asked a series of leading questions

Have you ever organised a Rucksack Club meet?

If not, would you like to?

And if you answered yes to the last question what is stopping you?

The responses to this last question where wide ranging, but a number of people responded along the lines of ‘I don’t know what’s involved’ , ‘Nobody knows me’ or ‘I feel out of my depth’.

So the purpose of this post is to highlight that there are no right or wrong ways to run a meet.  The outdoor programme includes all ends of the spectrum, from legendary Rucksack Club expeditions like Aber – Barmouth or Colne – Rowsley to local day walks.  From hugely popular staple meets like Gogarth and Marsden – Edale with over 50 attendees to my recent Laddow Bivvy meet with just 3 of us braving the famous cave.    It is this variety that makes our outdoor programme so good and one of the stand out benefits of the Rucksack Club.

Helen, the outdoor organising will soon be pulling together the 2024 programme, so don’t be shy.   If you have never organised a meet before or you haven’t done one for a while, now is the chance.   If you are not sure what is involved or need any help or advice please just get in touch.

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