Mount Kenya 2025

I am in the early stages of planning a two week trip to Mount Kenya in 2025 with Richard Clegg.   We have our eyes on one of the longer routes on the mountain and so will spending the full 11/12 days on Mount Kenya itself to allow time for acclimatisation, warm up routes and a suitable weather window for a three-day epic.

Mount Kenya being on the equator has two climbing seasons depending on which side of the mountain you want to climb, we will be heading out sometime during the Dec to March season which is summer conditions on the south side of the mountain and winter conditions on the north side.    Dates to be decided but I suspect the trip will be sometime around February 2025.

The purpose of this post is to gauge if any other members are interested in heading out to Mount Kenya at the same time.     There are many different routes on the mountain, ranging from simple trekking routes up Point Lenana (4,985m), classic rock routes at above 5,000m, through to rarely climbed hard aid routes and even more rarely formed ice routes.   If you didn’t want to spend the whole time on the mountain, it should be possible for people to join at the beginning of the trip and then head of elsewhere (Indian Ocean, safari etc.)

We will be using both porters and cooks on the trip.  🙂

So please get in touch if you would like me to keep you informed of plans as they progress.

Some pictures below of my recent family trip up to Point Lenana, which has made me so keen to go back for a real climbing trip.

The view on the way up Point Lenana


Neilon at sunrise, with the Howell Hut showing on the summit.  Ian Howell built this by himself and it took 13 solo trips to carry all the material up!

Looking back up the Teleki Valley as Bastion, Neilon and Point John

Strange plants

Safari  in  the  Masai  Mara

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  1. Hi Mark. Thank you for your interesting Mount Kenya post and would be keen to get involved. Please include me on your long list of RC participants. Primary interest is in climbing but would need to partner up. Also, in extending my trip to include trekking, safari etc. It is over 20 years since I summited Kilimanjaro from Tanzania, so it would be wonderful to return to Africa! Contact details in members book but ignore the mobile ending in 675 as this is now obsolete! Many thanks, Adam.

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