A Dip into the Club Journals – 1973 – Eddie Birch; Fitzroy

The 1973 Journal is full of great articles making the choice of just one difficult. There were several based on Munroing, an article on the Alpine 4000ers and the one chosen, authored by Eddie Birch, on the fourth ascent of Fitzroy in Patagonia via a new route up the SE Ridge by the British Argentinian Expedition in 1972 of which Eddie was a member. It paints a picture of a different era of expedition travel and life with two of the members taking vast quantities of gear and food in a VW out by boat to be joined by the others in the team in Argentina. It was a highly successful trip and, as Eddie noted, they were very fortunate as all members maintain a harmonious and cordial working friendship throughout.

The photo shows Fitzroy on the right with the Mount Poincenot on the right which, together, form a central part in the Patagonia clothing logo! The map below shows the route taken; the SE Ridge can be clearly seen in the photograph above. Enjoy the article, which can be accessed by clicking here


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