A Dip into the Club Journals – 1953 – Ted Courtenay: The Tan Hill Walk

The 1953 Journal is a celebration of the Club’s 50th Anniversary. At the time, photographs were few and far between, so all the articles are mainly prose. There is an amazing selection to choose from as shown here:I was torn between Neil Mather’s Peteret Ridge and Ted Courtenay’s Tan Hill Walk; indeed these two authors are Club legends. Ultimately, The Tan Hill Walk [click here] stood out as a celebration of an activity central to the Club over many years…long arduous walks. It records the first Tan-Cat walk, which Courtenay proposed to friends in the Club as “a hundred-mile hill walk, to take place sometime during the Jubilee year”. Neil Mather was one of the participants although he pulled out after completing over 100 miles because of severe knee pain…undeterred he returned the next year to complete it, as recorded by Brockbank, his partner, in the 1954 Journal [click here].

Finally, the whole of the 1953 Journal can be accessed here…happy reading!

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