A Dip into the Club Journals – 1943 – Jonathan by C.D. Milner

This month’s journal article, another decade back, is from 1943.  The 1943 and 1944 journals were combined, and there are few articles, there was a war on …

C.D. Milner’s article revitalises the spirit despite advancing years. 
An accomplished mountain photographer, he was also a member of the FRCC, Wayfarers and Alpine Club, worth reading his obituary in the RC 1991 journal here.

It was a hardly a difficult choice this month, the other article may well appear next year when we visit 1944!

Read the article here and in the 1943-44 Journal in the archive section of the website here, amongst other things the climbing notes have a write up of the first ascent of Manx Wall on Clogwyn Du in 1942, a climb worth seeking out.

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