A Dip into the Club Journals – 1933 – Eustace Thomas: A Devilish Holiday

Les Aiguilles de Diable, photo B. Cosby

Welcome to October’s dip into the journals, (apologies for the delay, it’s a busy autumn).
And there’s much to consider in the 1933 journal.  Articles by members whose names are still well known:

* John Rooke Corbett on a solo stravaig in the Applecross area in February;

* H.M. Kelly writing about Corbett’s last munro, somewhat tongue in cheek;

* a report by Maurice Linnell of the first ascent of Great Eastern on Scafell East Buttress, the first route on the buttress.

But this month’s pick is Eustace Thomas’ article on his is completion of the Alpine 4000m peaks on the Aiguilles de Diable, with guides Alexander Taugwalder and Cachat. He then continues on to the Dolomites!  Read his article here, and more from the 1933 journal here.



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