Launch of The Rucksack Club Digital Archives

An early Christmas present

I’m pleased to announce the official launch of The Rucksack Club Digital Archives.  This new on-line resource contains a wealth of material to either browse or download, and will give you plenty of things to fill those long winter evenings.

The archive contains material covering over 120 years of the Club’s history and is constantly growing. It currently includes:

  • All 105 Journals from 1903 to the current edition – available to read as flip-books with clickable contents or to download.
  • The last 30 editions of Meetstaff – again available to read as flip-books or download.
  • Hut logbooks from the Club’s Welsh huts covering years 1926 – 2022
  • The digital archives of the Anabasis Club from its formation in 1961 to its incorporation into The Rucksack Club in 2021.
  • On The Hill with…” – 3 volumes containing over 30 interviews with notable Club Members.

This development of this has been made possible via a generous bequest from the estate of the late Albert and Alice Dale.

In addition to this fantastic on-line resource, the Dale bequest has also enabled the Club to develop a fully secure Digital Vault for the long-term preservation of its digital assets.  This will ensure that the growing volume of digital material can be preserved and, as the physical archives of the Club are digitised, they can be secured for the future.

So, if you want to know what the club was doing when you were born, or if you want to re-live that day on Cloggy in the nineteen nineties, or you just want to see what has kept this Club at the forefront of mountaineering for over 120 years, then take a look:

The archive can always be accessed via links under “Get Out There” or “About” menus

Note: the archive is designed for best viewing of the documents on a laptop or tablet, but here’s the clever bit, if you connect using a smartphone or mini-tablet it will detect this and give you a simple scrollable view of the documents.


Mark Jenneson


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