Make the Marsden-Edale great again

It’s that time of year again!  What better ending to the twelve days of Christmas than this twenty-two mile Peak District classic. 

I need to get an early idea of numbers so that we can see if the level of support that we have come accustomed to is justified. Carole has already volunteered to “count them out and count them all back in again”. This can be a thankless task in the dark and driving rain. Equally, a lot of effort is needed to provide the hot soup, tea, cakes etc and it is unfair on Granville to go to all that trouble and then for only a couple of people to turn up.  So, please let me know if you are thinking of participating (the more the merrier) – my email address is in the handbook – and let’s plan for a great turnout.

The Marsden-Edale has been a staple of the Club since it’s early days – and as a winter outing on the first weekend after New Year, it has become an annual institution.  Originally planned as a station – station walk in the days before cars, many people still rely on trains get to/from the start/finish, although, in these days of Facebook and Whatsapp, there is much more scope for arranging lifts.

Pre-covid, the average turnout was around 25-30 doing the single M-E and around 8-10 intrepid “doublers”. Since then, the meet has been hit by covid bans, rail strikes, rail maintenance works and some appaling weather. Completing the single M-E in 2022 was 1 – Gareth Llewellyn (a heroic solo effort) and this was increased by 100% in 2023 to 2 – Gareth and myself!

Let’s make 2024 the year of the revival of the classic M-E as a Club staple. No strikes or railway maintenence is planned for 6th Jan, I have booked the weather (dry, sunny, gentle breezes etc) it’s now just up to you to come along and enjoy the Dark Peak at its best.

In the meantime, have a great Christmas and an even greater New Year and get ready to burn off those excess calories on the 6th Jan.


  1. Hi. I’d like to do at least the single. If the weather is as booked, then probably the double. I’m a newbie so as yet don’t have the handbook and therefore no email addresses. But count me in.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Ian,
    I am intending to do at least the single again this coming January, however just struggling with a bad back at the moment. (Getting those excuses in early this time…!) Will confirm what I’m up to for definite closer the time, but for now, pencil me in.
    Gareth L

  3. I’d like to join, I’m undecided at the moment as it’s a very long way for a walk for me from West London.
    I’m also struggling with boots as my current ones kill my achilleas after 10 miles, I’ll keep an eye on the weather forecast before I make any commitment and look for some new boots.

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