Catch up video on Sustainability in the Outdoors and a Dolomites Adventure

The catch up video from Tuesday’s Double Bill Zoom show is now available, in case you missed this brilliant evening’s entertainment.

Dr Cath Flitcroft, The BMC’s lead on all things access and sustainability related, gave us a whistle stop tour of all the activities that The BMC is undertaking to support a more sustainable, bio-diverse and carbon-neutral outdoors, and ideas for actions that we as individuals and as a Club can take. Inspiring to see so much good work taking place, much of it under-the-radar, from Moorland conservation to biodiversity in the BMC’s eight crags, and litter-picking to behaviour nudging and path repairs. A few takeaways for easy-to-do actions we could all take:

– how about giving your no-longer-used gear a new home? Check out the Old Gear Directory

– try out The BMC’s lift sharing app next time you Get Out There!

– buy a square metre of sphagnum moss and do your bit for our marvellous moorlands and delivering next-zero

Buy 1 sqm of Sphagnum to save the Moorlands

Watch the video for loads more inspiring ideas!

Talking of inspiration, Will Pitt and Tom Derrick’s trip report of Dollies and Follies was all the encouragement you could possibly want to book your next visit to the Dolomites. Despite it being a first venture into big rock routes outside the UK, the guys clocked up a hugely impressive 3km of climbing in the space of a couple of weeks (not to mention huge quantities of brioche). Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned campaigner, this is great entertainment and education, as Tom and Will go up a steep learning curve!

Here’s the video link – enjoy!

And if you enjoyed that you can find the whole back catalogue of Zoom shows by clicking “Get Out There” in the main menu and then browsing the “Virtual Meets Gallery”

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