A dip into the Club Journals: from 1993 Just a Bit Difficult by Peter Harding

Between 1945 and 1950 Peter Harding was one of the leading climbers in the UK, who was also credited with inventing the modern ‘hand-jam’, although it is more likely that he rediscovered it! First ascents include such iconic routes as Promontory Traverse [Black Rocks, 1945], Valkyrie [Roaches, 1946], Suicide Wall [Cratcliffe, 1946], Goliath’s Groove [Stanage, 1947] and Ivy Sepulchre [Dinas Cromlech, 1947]. He joined the Rucksack Club in 1947 remaining a member until his death in 2007. He continued to climb throughout his life although less cutting edge and sometimes further afield. He climbed the Matterhorn on four occasions with his last [a solo of the Hornli Ridge in 1993 aged 69] recounted in the excellent article “Just a Bit Difficult” in the 1993 Journal. Here’s the link to the article.

Peter Harding, first ascent of Promontory Traverse [E1/5b], Black Rocks 1945. Photo: © Rucksack Club

Peter Harding, first ascent Goliath’s Groove [HVS/5a], Stanage 1947. Photo: © Rucksack Club

Peter Harding circa 1945. Photo © Rucksack Club

Peter Harding, 1995. Photo: © Gordon Stainforth

Peter Harding leading Valkyrie [VS, Roaches] in 1995. Photo: © Gordon Stainforth

The Hornli Ridge.  Photo: ET Roberts © Rucksack Club

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