Beudy bookings update

Beudy is busy this coming Bank Holiday weekend – at the moment there are 3 bunks left. Plenty of space in early May (at present, only one person in over the Coronation weekend!) but things are a little busier towards the end of the month. The 75th anniversary meet (2-4 June) is filling up now but apart from Veterans in Sefton who have booked the hut 21 – 23, the rest of June is essentially free. Likewise for the first two weeks in July.

It is easy to check on availability now – just log into the Members section of the website. Click on ‘Huts’ on the top line and then when the page appears, click on the ‘hut availability’ box. Hover over a date and this shows you who has booked and for how many spaces. Simples.

To make a booking contact me by email please.

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