Beudy Mawr – any advice?

Steve Gregory and I have been looking at how best we can prevent this sort of thing happening at Beudy. Maybe something like a plastic mesh/grid like they have at Stanage Popular end car parking area. Has anybody had any experience of this kind of product, bearing in mind the ground slopes up from the road? Thanks.


  1. The landscaping grid mesh products look good for this. I have seen plastic (as at Stanage) and galvanised steel at Jo’s neighbours. Probably going to need a contractor with plant to grade the area and lay the mesh. Give Eddy a call, he may know someone local with the necessary skills to do a good job if you don’t know anyone.

    1. Thanks George – I’m assuming you mean Eddie Birch. I’ll contact him. One factor to consider us that we are looking at occasional use. The cost implications are significant – I would prefer that people would have the good sense not to attempt getting up a waterlogged slope. There are other parking areas ( but they involve a short walk back to the hut).

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