Beudy Mawr – advice wanted

Many thanks to all who responded so quickly to the request for advice about the driveway on the left hand side of the hut.
We will be looking at your suggestions and recommendations and will hope to come up with a solution that balances the various issues involved, including cost, frequency of use, aesthetics, the National Park and local authority planning. Thanks again. Bill and Steve.


  1. Hello Bill, The best way to fix the problem is with the plastic grid system ,but the ground prep is the key ,it’s exspensive you’ll need a contractor etc ! Bargin basement is spray the ground with weed killer ,cover with a membrane and stone chipping on top it’s called MOT , but check the colour off it cos you’re in a national park ! It would be feasible with a courageous working party ! Regards Jimmy

    1. Jimmy, I agree about the chippings. I managed to get 20 tonnes of very cheap chuckies from my local council quarry (Aberdeenshire) and delivered by one of their haulage contractors, all very economical. Not sure if Welsh councils have their own quarries, but might be worth a look.

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